Lisa's Barbie Collection & Dioramas

Pictures from the 2011 National Barbie Collectors convention.

Pictures from the 2010 Grant a Wish convention in Livonia, Michigan.

Pictures from the National Barbie Collectors Convention - 2007

Pictures from the National Barbie Collectors Convetnion - 2009
The Live Auction dolls
Silent Auction dolls
Competition Room
Raffle Room
Mattel's gift dolls

Dioramas .....

New Year's 2013

The Adler room set up for a Halloween party!

Barbie's living room using the Happy Chic sofa

Barbie's living room using the Happy Chic Sofa in pink and green

Vintage Fashion Shop - Summer sale

2007 Halloween Dance

The Munsters in the living room.

Barbie's Mod Family House

Barbie's Custom Kitchen

Easter Egg Hunt in Park

Christmas 2006
Land of the Sweets
Barbie and girls baking cookies.
Barbie's silver tinsel tree is back!
Haunted House 2006

Halloween Dance Party 2006

Skipper and friends go camping.

Barbie's Beach House

Barbie and Stacey fighting over the purse!

Barbie's Mod Apartment

Valentine Dance 2006

Valentine Dolls - page 1 - 2006

Valentine Dolls - page 2 - 2006

Christmas 2005

Halloween 2005

Pumpkin Patch 2005

2004 Christmas

Coca-Cola Soda Shop

Barbie's Dressing Rooms

2002 Christmas - Brownies decorating cookies.

January Doll 2003 display

Barbie's New Year's Eve Party (they had more fun than I did!) Lisa

Halloween Party 2003

Christmas 2001

Christmas Dolls

Ken's Superbowl Party

Breakfast in Barbie's Kitchen

A day in the park

Various doll displays....

Barbie dressed for Halloween

Dolls of the World

Vintage Reproductions

Silkstone Barbies redressed in 2009 playline dresses.

Barbies on an autumn sidewalk.

Mod dolls and Fashion Fevers

Barbie as a Bride

Barbies in Green, Gold and White

Barbie by designer Bob Mackie

Barbies in Blue and White

Barbies in Red and Black

Silkstone Barbies - Stewardesses

My Curio Cabinet

Mod gals from Barbie® convention, 2002

My Silkstone Display

March Display of Dolls

Autumn Dolls

Autumn in Paris 2005

Red, White and Blue

These pictures of my Barbie collection are from my personal collection, and I'm not affiliated with Mattel. Lisa 3/18/2014

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