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NEW!  Days Online Fan Club will be moving to its own domain this month. During this transition there will be no updates on this site (except the recaps/sneek peeks). I encourage you to update your bookmarks to reflect this new address change and redirect it to: (not yet in effect). This site will remain here as a mirror site and for fans who have this address bookmarked.

THANK YOU to the fans who helped earn money to move this site to its own domain. I want to let you know that its so much appreciated and there will be lots of new transformations taking over within the next few months. So stay tuned and remember this is the ONLY #1 original Days of Our Lives Unoffical Fan Club and all of the fans have proven this to be true just by visiting as much as you do! We welcome the competition, don't we DAYS fans?!!

CHAT: There will be a scheduled chat on Wednesdays 8pm PST - 9pm PST (12/13, 12/20, 12/27) for those of you who have questions regarding the new transition. I will be available for Q&A's on those days and times. If you are interested in knowing the future of this site as well as new features, and job opportunities, you are welcome and encouraged to join me in the fan club chat room.

About This Site: This site was created for the sole purpose of the DAYS fans by yours truly, Rose. It has been online since 1997 but, back then it was only a few pages of information. It has grown over the years and with the help of all the visitors and loyal fans, I have been able to make it what it is now. I try to make this your one stop to DAYS site. Which is why this site will always be updated as the show moves on to bigger and better (maybe not always) storylines.

I have the majority of the DAYS cast come in here and enjoy their stay, which to me, makes it worth my while to hear good things from them! Some even sponsor this site during its yearly trivia hunts and other online events that are held. They also read the Message Board and the Fan Book to see what the fans are thinking and how they feel about current/past storylines they're involved in.

Days Affiliates/Promoters: If you are a DAYS affiliate or promoter who schedules events or holds events for the DAYS cast and would like to add an event or a banner to this site, please use the feedback form link below to contact me. I also create promotional sites to assist in the promotion process. Once complete I link them from this page and announce them in my weekly newsletter.

How much? I do this FREE of charge with a few conditions that I ask for which is between the affiliate/promoter and I. I will say one thing...I don not ask for $$$$.

STRINGS? (well there is one string attached, I want a link to this site somewhere on the page, but that's not too bad, is it?).

If you're interested email me for more information and please include the details of your project (purpose, cast attending, location, graphics wanted, etc.) or fax the info to me: (978) 231-6031. If you are including graphics please email them to me here. Please include your name, phone number, and reply email address so I can contact you.

Fans: If You have any comments or suggestions regarding this site or if there is something you want to see here please use this Feed Back form.

IMPORTANT: The form is only to contact me, not the actor. If you want to email a specific character Click Here and in the subject type the actors name so it can be directed to them.

Reconstruction This site is currently being restructured for a long overdo makeover, so please forgive any errors.  Hopefully this setup will lead to a smoother navigation from anywhere on the site.   Most pages have yet to be updated with the new look but please be patient the whole process takes time.nbsp; I do look forward to all fan comments and suggestions so please take your time and navigate through the site.

Days Online News E-Zine If you are interested in receiving FREE updates and up to the minute news about DAYS you may subscribe to our bi-weekly newsletter. For a description and complete details of what is included with your subscription click here to visit my subscription manager.

Take care and enjoy your visit. OH!! and dont forget to sign the Fan Book and let the cast of DAYS as well as other DAYS fans know you've been here!

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