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Armed clashes between the Shanti Bahini and the Bangladesh military personnel are frequent in the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT). Very often in reprisal to armed clashes, the Bangladesh military conducts reprisal attacks against the Jumma civilians.

19 May 1996

The Bangladesh Army men attacked a Shanti Bahini camp at Khagrachari village in Sajek valley, Baghaichari although the Shanti Bahini was observing ceasefire. However, the Shanti Bahini had the right to fight back if attacked. So, they very reluctantly fought back and completely defeated the enemy killing at least two and wounding at least one Bangladeshi soldiers.

19 May 1996

The Bangladesh Army brought many soldiers by helicopter from Chittagong and from some regions of the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) to several military camps in Sajek valley in order to intensify onslaughts on the Shanti Bahini camps and Jumma villages. During the operation, one of the helicopters crashed due, possibly, to mechanical failure at the western side of the BDR camp at New Lankar in Sajek valley.

18 May 1996

The Bangladesh Army troops raided a Shanti Bahini camp at Thalchara of Old Lankar in Sajek valley without any provocation from the Shanti Bahini. In self defence, the Shanti Bahini returned fire and forced the raiders to retreat in haste leaving behind two dead.

11 February 1996

The military men of the local army camp and of the Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) camp carried out a campaign in the hills and forests of Thanchi area within Bandarban District and made an unprovoked attack on a Shanti Bahini camp, who were observing ceasefire. In self defence, the Shanti Bahini shot back. In the fight that followed, three army and BDR personnel were killed and five were injured. Then the defeated military men turned on the helpless Jumma villagers with a vengeance while returning to their respective military camps.

6 February 1996

The Bangladesh Army troops from Kaukhali Army Camp launched a search operation against the Shanti Bahini in the Kaukhali area although the Shanti Bahini was observing ceasefire. Having been attacked by the Bangladesh Army, the Shanti Bahini was compelled to return fire to drive away the enemies. In the encounter, one army personnel was killed and two were wounded. To retaliate for their defeat and loss of men, the Bangladesh Army troops arrested several innocent Jumma villagers, took them to the army camp and and subjected them to torture for a few days.

27 January 1996

The army men of the newly set up camp at Simana Langel raided a Shanti Bahini camp in an adjoining mountainous area and indiscriminately fired on the camp without any provocation from the Shanti Bahini. The Shanti Bahini returned fire in self defence.

12-17 January 1996

In total breach of the ceasefire agreement, more than 200 Bangladesh Army personnel from the Naniachar Military Zone, Ghagra Military Zone and Rangamati Military Zone, and about sixty Muslim settlers raided the Chengi-Ichamati hill tops at Simana Langel bordering Kengelchari and Betchari, and began to set up a new army camp on a strategically important hill top. At the same time, they tried to flush out the Shanti Bahini from the area and attacked the Shanti Bahini camps on 14 January 1996. The ceasefire abiding Shanti Bahini was thus forced to fight back in self defence. During the fight, some of the invaders were killed and wounded. Having been repulsed by the Shanti Bahini, the Bangladesh Army sent about 100 soldiers of the 23 EBR from Mahalchari Military Zone to the battle ground on 15 January, 1996. After the arrival of the this reinforcement, the invaders assaulted the Shanti Bahini camps again on 16 January, 1996. During the second assault, some 16 invaders were killed and injured not to mention the Bangladesh Army's second failure to dislodge the Shanti Bahini. On January 17, 1996, the Bangladesh Army made third attempt to destroy the Shanti Bahini camps but once again failed to defeat the Shanti Bahini and lost not less than five soldiers. Now, the local Jummas are fearing that the Bangladesh Army would take reprisals against them for their defeat and loss of many army men at the hands of the skilled and intrepid Jumma fighters who suffered no loss of life and any serious injuries in the three battles proving the fact that the fight between the Bangladesh Army and the Shanti Bahini is the fight between the quantity and quality.

6 December 1995

The military troops of the 20 East Bengal Regiment from Kengelchari Camp under the control of the Naniachar Military Zone conducted an operation in the Chengi-Ichamati hilly range at Dajya Para, Betchari, Naniachar to flush out the Shanti Bahini, although the latter was observing the ceasefire. In self defence, the Shanti Bahini returned fire and killed two soldiers in the encounter.

21 October 1995

The soldiers from Bandarban Military Zone and Rowangchari Army Camp jointly launched a combing operations throughout the areas of Tarasa and Noapatang within Bandarban, but could not find any trace of the Shanti Bahini.


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