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Ramu Temple
On 29-30 September 2012 Muslim extremists attacked the Buddhist community in Ramu, Ukhia, Teknaf and Cox’s Bazaar municipality area under Cox’s Bazaar district and Patia in Chittagong district. It was in retaliation of a Facebook posting defaming the Quran allegedly by a Facebook user Uttam Barua. In this attack at least a dozen Buddhist temples were destroyed and around 200-250 Buddhist homes were ransacked and robbed. Besides 2 Hindu temples were vandalised in Patia.

Bengali settlers evict 21 indigenous Chak families from their villages in Naikhyongchari

On 9-10 April 2013 Muslim settlers evict indigenous Chak villagers of Padujhiri of Naikhyongchari in Bandarban district by disturbances, harassments and threats. A total of 21 indigenous Chak families were compelled to leave their village.

Prior to Sangrai new year festival, Muslim settlers had been conducting theft, robbery and intimidation against indigenous villagers with the intention to evict them from their village and occupy their ancestral land and homesteads. Most of the evicted indigenous Chak families took shelter at Baishari Upar Chak Para and Baishari Headman Para under Baishari union.

Muslim settlers often beat indigenous Chak villagers and seize their valuables while the villagers come and go to the market. Muslim settlers often sexually harass indigenous Chak women and girls. The settlers frequently destroy indigenous farms and orchards to harass them. Due to never ending harassment of the Muslim settlers, the Chak villagers abandoned their village prior to Sangrai new year festival.

5 years ago, the indigenous villagers of another village named Longadu under Baishari union fled from their village following unbearable harassment of Muslim settlers. Another 13 poor indigenous Mro families from Amtali village of Lama in Bandarban district were forced to evacuate the village in 2012 due to persecution of the Muslim settlers and Bangladesh army.

It is worth mentioning that different Bangladeshi companies planted rubber on hundreds acres of land. In some cases, they planted rubber on the land belonging to indigenous villagers. More than 11 commercial companies including Destiny Group occupied thousands acres of lands recorded and owned by indigenous people. The companies include Mostafa Group, Laden Group, Shahamin Group, S Alam Group, PHP Group, Meridian Group, Exim Group, Babul Group, Agme Group etc. These companies continue to occupy lands in order to extend its business and area. They occupied hundreds acres of land just by hanging signboard on the land and threatened the indigenous villagers to leave the area. In some cases, hired miscreants of land grabbers attack the villagers. However, local administration has been playing passive role which encourages the outsiders to occupy more land freely.

Apart from Padujhiri Chak Para from which indigenous Chak villagers were evicted, another more five villages under Baishari union in Naikhyongchari in which a total of 80 families are facing threat to eviction. Of them, 15 families of Baishari Tripura Para, 10 families of Toijhiri Chak Para, 15 families of Kamichara Chak Para, 15 families of Paichang Tripura Para and 25 families of Krokhyong Chak Para have face threat to eviction following land grabbing and harassment by Muslim settlers. At any moment, 15 families of Baishari Tripura Para have to leave their village, as miscreants of land grabbers have continuously harassing them with the aim to uproot them from their village and to occupy their ancestral land and homestead.


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