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Thomaching Marma
On 21 December 2012 Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers raped and killed Thomaching Marma (14 year) of Baradulu village under Kaukhali. On that day she went to bring back family's cows from nearby forest. The Muslim settlers raped and killed the Buddhist girl when they found her alone in the forest.

Bengali truck driver rapes an indigenous Tripura girl at Satkania in Chittagong

On 4 April 2013 a Muslim truck driver Mohammad Forkan (30) raped a 12 year old indigenous Tripura girl at Keranihat village under Satkania upazila in Chittagong district.

The victim is a domestic worker at Pintu Tripura house at Keranihat village under Satkania in Chittagong district. Mr. Pintu Tripura was posted in Satkania for his job in Grameen Shakti and both of them are originally from Baillyachari village of Matiranga upazila in Khagrachari district. Mohammad Forkan was trying to influence her to talk silently with each other often every day when the girl goes to collect water for household purpose regularly. She refused his ill proposal several times. On the incidentís night, the girl was sleeping in her room, and she was awakened at midnight by someone who threw water in her face through window, and then she came out to check outside. Suddenly she was tighten up with a piece of cloth by Mohammad Forkan. He took her to a nearby area, and she was forcefully raped by perpetrator Forkan. The girl was found by the villagers when she shouted for help. The culprit fled away from the incidentís place. Tripura Welfare Association of Bandarban gave her shelter for safety. The association is preparing a written statement to lodge with police station against the miscreant.


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