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Tripuri Boy converted to Islam by force
This Tripuri boy was one of 11 boys and girls taken from their families in January and February 2012 with the promise of education in boarding schools. The intermediaries then sold the boys and girls to the Islamic madrassas in Gazipur and Dhaka for forcible conversion. In June the desire to escape was kindled when imams announced that the boys would be circumcised and that if they were ready to give their lives for Islam they would be compensated with beheshta or heaven since no other religion could lead them there.

Muslim group abducts 16 indigenous Tripura children for forcible conversion in Dhaka

On 2 January 2013, 16 indigenous Tripura children were rescued from a madrasa (Muslim education centre) named Abuzor Giffari Mosque Complex under Sabujbagh police station in Dhaka. The children were converted (to Islam) by force. The children are from Rangamati district of Chittagong Hill Tracts and belong to indigenous Tripura and Chakma community.

Among them, the 11 children were handed over to their parents after signing a bond on 2 Jaunary. As no parents came up for five of the children, police decided to transfer them to a government safe home. However, the 11 children (9 children belong to Tripura and 2 children belong to Chakma), who were handed over to their parents, went missing. They were believed to have again been taken to madrassas by the collaborators.

The parents of 11 children were brought to Dhaka under the supervision of local collaborators and hence the parents were compelled to take back their children to the madrassas. On the other, the 5 children, who were sent to the Victimís Support Centre of Tejgaon police station in Dhaka, were handed over to their parents including Borendra Lal Tripura on 8-9 January 2013. All the children were taken from various villages of Bilaichari sub-district in Rangamati district by 5 brokers/collaborators namely-

  1. Dipak Tripura
  2. Hamajon Tripura
  3. Shuvamong
  4. Modhu Chandra
  5. Bindu Lal Chakma from Songrachari area of Farua union under Bilaichari sub-district in Rangamati.

It is reported that the brokers are backed by Islamic Foundation, Rangamati; Professor Dr. Mohiuddin, Depertment of Islamic History, Chittagong University; retired Secretary (A Jamat Spokesperson) Mosiur Rahman; a Dhaka College student Ashraf Hossain and Abujor Gifari Madrasa Complex, Mirpur.

It is reported that another 138 students from Rangamati, 42 from Banderban and 6 from Khagrachari are in Pipeline. The parents of 5 children said that they are living in extreme poverty. Most time they have to starve and passed their nights with in empty stomach. No development and well being is taken care in their village. So, when they received offer from aforesaid five brokers to send their children to schools, they agreed with them. As an agreement, they had to give finger print in some paper, but they did not know what was written there. They were also not aware that their children have been sent to madrasa. They even did not know what madrasa was.

The process of converting the indigenous people started from 2004. They have targeted the illiterate and poor people from the remote areas to maintain secrecy and to avoid resistance as well as for the convenience to apply fraudulence. In all cases, they motivated the local people using some jobless and less literate indigenous brokers. The local brokers persuaded the parents saying that they would take their children to mission schools for free education and living, but they have actually supplied them to madrasas. As a precondition they took finger prints of the parents in some paper documents. The parents were not aware of what is written their.

5 children (rescued on 2 January 2013) were then sent to Moanghor orphanage in Rangamati:

  1. Sumola Tripura s/o Chandula Tripura and Osnati Tripura of Bilaichhari upazila, Rangamati district
  2. Sunila Tripura, daughter of same as above
  3. Reni Tripura d/o Late Ananda Tripura and Rongboity Tripura, address same as above;
  4. Robin Tripura s/o Chandula Tripura and Osnati Tripura;
  5. Moti Tripura s/o late Ananda Tripura and Rongboity Tripura.

11 children (rescued on 2 January 2013) who went missing after police handed over to parents (maybe sent to Madrasa again):

  1. Sujan Chakma, s/o Bindu Lal Chakma of Chonrachhari village, Farua union, Bilaichhari upazila, Rangamati district;
  2. Sohel Ckama, s/o same as above;
  3. Simla Tripura d/o Wakhiya Tripura and Khumbarti Tripura, address same as above;
  4. Pitor Tripura, s/o parents unknown;
  5. Kornajoy Tripura s/o Hamajon Tripura and Malarwng Tripura, address same as above;
  6. Obhraham Tripura, s/o Modhu Chandra Tripura and Mokhoti Tripura, address same as above;
  7. Senipoti Tripura, d/o same as above;
  8. Mayani Tripura d/o Shuvamong Tripura and Kaiseti Tripura, address same as above;
  9. Julima Tripura d/o same as above;
  10. Doikomo Tripura s/o same as above;
  11. Shigoram Tripura, s/o same as above.


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