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Thomaching Marma
On 21 December 2012 Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers raped and killed Thomaching Marma (14 year) of Baradulu village under Kaukhali. On that day she went to bring back family's cows from nearby forest. The Muslim settlers raped and killed the Buddhist girl when they found her alone in the forest.

Bengali settlers rape and kill an indigenous Marma girl in Kaukhali

On 21 December 2012, Muslim settlers raped and killed an indigenous Marma girl named Thomaching Marma (14 year) daughter of late Suithui Prue Marma of village- Baradulu Para of Kalampati union under Kaokhali (sub-district). The girl was a student of class eight of Kaukhali Girls High School.

On that day at about 3:30 pm the girl went to bring back their cows to nearby bush. As she was getting late, her mother and siblings began to search around for her and finally one relative (brother-in-law of girl’s mother) found Thomaching’s naked dead body in bush which is very adjacent to a Muslim settler village Nailachari. Primarily, it is assumed that the girl was killed after rape when rapists found her alone in the bush.

In the morning time on 22 December, the dead body was taken to Rangamati General Hospital for autopsy. A murder case (no. 03/2012 dated 22-12-2012) was filed against unknown persons with Kaukhali police station under Section 9(iii) of the Prevention of Oppression Against Women and Children Act 2000 by victim’s uncle named Chaithowai Prue Marma. Besides, a General Diary (no. 621) was also filed with Kaukhali police station. But the police are yet to arrest any body.

On 6 January 2013 the Police arrested a Muslim settler named Mohamed Alauddhin s/o late Mafijur Rahman. The arrested person along with another 3 Muslim settlers namely Mohamed Selim Khan, Mohamed Dider and a son of Sahabuddhin used to go to jungle regularly to collect firewood. It is alleged that a few months ago, Mohamed Alauddhin raped another indigenous girl at the same spot. The case was settled internally by local people fining Taka 5,000 as a compensation of rape case. The same miscreants were believed to have been involved with the rape and killing of Thomaching Marma with an aim to occupy land belonging to indigenous Marma villagers.

Thomaching’s uncle Mr. Chaithowai Prue Marma initially filed a case against unknown persons, but later on, Mr. Aisamong Marma, UP member of Kalampati union in Kaukhali upazila submitted the names of above Muslim settlers to the Kaukhali police station. Though, one of them Mohamed Alauddhin was arrested by the police, but other 3 suspected perpetrators were still fugitive. On the other hand, a vested Islamic fanatic group became active to get Mohamed Alauddhin released on bail from the court.

It is worth mentionable that Baradulu village and its adjacent areas were once populated by indigenous Marma people. The Muslim settlers occupied them in the 1980s after driving the Marma villagers from their lands. The Muslim settlers continue their attempts to occupy more land belonging to Marma community. Sources said that a few months ago, Marma villagers planted ginger on their lands but the Muslim settlers destroyed them. The Marma villagers immediately replanted again, and now a case is pending with the Union Council chairman of the area over the disputed land.


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