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Bangladesh army
On 22 September 2012 Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers attacked indigenous Buddhist people in Rangamati. When the indigenous people counter attacked in self defence Bangladesh army took side with the Muslim settlers. 76 indigenous people were injured and numerous indigenous properties were destroyed. Injured UP Chairmen demanded justice and peace when Maj. General Shabbir GOC of Chittagong visited them at Combined Military Hospital at Rangamati Cantonment.

Bengali settlers attempt to rape an indigenous Marma girl in Rowangchari

On 3 October 2012 at mid-night, a Muslim settler named Mohamed Iliyas attempted to rape an indigenous Marma girl with disability at Kaitharmukh Para of Rowangchari sub-district in Banbarban district.

The villagers caught Mohamed Iliyas red handed and handed over to chairman of Rowangchari union Mr. Sahla Mong Marma. However, the guardians of the victim failed to file case with police station due to financial constraints and fearing further harassment.


Kapaeeng Foundation
(A Human Rights Organization for Indigenous Peoples of Bangladesh)

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