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Sujata Chakma
On 9 May 2012 Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers raped and killed an indigenous Buddhist girl Miss. Sujata Chakma (11) daughter of late Mr. Jyotish Chandra Chakma and Ms. Mongala Devi Chakma of Ultachari area of Atarakchara union under Longadu sub-district in Rangamati district. The victim was a student of year 4 of Ultachari Government Primary School. Muslim settlers killed the girl by mutilating on the neck with a sharp weapon.

Bangladesh policeman rape an 11 year old indigenous Tripura girl in Dighinala

On 21 August 2012, Bangladesh policeman raped an 11-year old indigenous Tripura girl at Ataltila Noymile area of Merung union under Dighinala in Khagrachari district while she was grazing cows near Ataltila police camp.

On that day at around 2.30 pm the victim along with her 8-year old sister from Tapan Karbari Para of Noymile undetr Merung union went out for grazing cows near Ataltila police camp at Noymile area. Keeping her sister at a place, the victim went to another area near police camp to collect vegetables. Finding her alone, Mohamed Rasel Rana, a constable of Ataltila police camp grabbed and raped her. The policeman struck her on the right hand and right leg with a stick before raping her.

Soon after returning home, the victim informed her mother Nitya Bala Tripura about the incident, who went to the police camp taking the victim with her and put objection to Mohamed Shaha Alam, the on-duty police officer of the Ataltila camp. However, Mohamed Shaha Alam proposed to victim’s mother to compromise the incident by giving her Taka 1000 ($ 12). Failing to get justice, Nityo Bala Tripura informed Tapan Tripura, the Karbari (head) of Noymile village and Tripura Students’ Forum leaders about the incident.

At a stage, the indigenous villagers gathered at the police camp and demanded to arrest the alleged policeman. Due to tremendous pressure from the local people, Shah Alam was compelled to close alleged culprit Mohamed Rasel Rana. But local people demanded arrest of alleged policeman. Nitya Bala Tripura filed a rape case (no. 3, date 21 August 2012) under section 9(1) of Women and Child Repression (Prevention) Act 2000 in the night on that day with Dighinala police station.


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