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Bushe Mong
On 5 March 2012 a group of Muslim settlers led by Shafiul Alam (35) Mahabub Alam (32) and Abu Taleb (28) set fire on the house of indigenous Buddhist Mr. Bushe Mong and Mrs. Inju Rakhine at Thakurtola village of Moheskhali Cox’s Bazar.

Bengali settlers attack an indigenous Rakhine family in Moheskhali of Cox’s Bazar

On 5 March 2012 at around 2.00 am, a group of Muslim settlers led by Shafiul Alam (35), Mahabub Alam (32) and Abu Taleb (28) (all are sons of late Nur Ahammad) set fire on the house of indigenous Mr. Bushe Mong and Mrs. Inju Rakhine at Thakurtola village of Moheskhali, Cox’s Bazar. Earlier on 23 February 2012 the said settlers physically assaulted this Rakhine family and destroyed their house. Mr. Bushe Mong and his wife Ms. Inju Rakhine along with their children have been living at Thakurtola village for generations. The three brothers namely Shafiul Alam, Mahabub Alam and Abu Taleb have forcefully occupied a land to produce prawn and salt besides the homestead of this Rakhine family. The Muslim settlers have also been intending to occupy the land of other Rakhine families. In the current salt season they are manufacturing salt in that field. The settlers and their gang have been disturbing and teasing the female members of Bushe Mong's family and others when they pass through the nearby road of their home. The Rakhine villagers protested against the harassment several times. Consequently, the Muslim settlers became more vengeful.

On 23 February 2012 at around 5.30 pm the Muslim settlers attacked the house of Rakhine family with sharp weapons and started to destroy the house. The attackers physically assaulted and drove away Ms. Injo Rakhine from her home by intimidation, thumping and kicking when she tried to prevent them. After that, the Muslim settlers ruined the belongings of their house and broke the boundary fence of the house. The Muslim settlers threatened that they would come back to attack and kill all the family members unless the family abandon the land. At that time, Bushe Mong was not at home. After hearing the news of the attack, Bushe Mong rapidly came back home and he filed a case against the settlers. But police did not arrest anyone and the settlers became more vengeful.

Bushe Mong Rakhine often goes to catch fish in the sea. On 4 March 2012 Ms. Injo Rakhine was sleeping along with her sons and daughters without her husband. On 5 March 2012 at around 2.00 am the perpetrators came to attack the family and set fire on the house. She rushed out of their house along with her children when they realized that their house was set on fire. At that time, they identified the perpetrators clearly in the light of fire. The perpetrators fled away from the spot as soon as she started to shout for help when they attempted to attack on her at that time. Later, the neighbours of the Injo Rakhine came forward to the spot and tried to put the fire out. But for the time being, the house was totally burnt to ashes along with all the valuables. The Muslim settlers attacked the indigenous Rakhine family in order to evict them from their ancestral homestead and to occupy their land. On 5 March 2012 Injo Rakhine filed a case against the perpetrators with Moheskhali police station. But police did not arrest any of the settlers.


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