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On 1 February 2012 Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers gang raped a 15-year old indigenous Chakma girl at Laxmichari in Khagrachari district. The indigenous people organize protest rally in Khagrachari.

Bengali settlers gang rape an indigenous Chakma girl in Laxmichari

On 1 February 2012, Muslim settlers gang raped a 15-year old indigenous Chakma girl at Laxmichari in Khagrachari district. The victim was recovered from the spot in senseless condition and taken to Khagrachari district hospital. The victim is a daughter of Mr. Naramya Chakma and Mrs. Robi Bala Chakma of Thailya Karbari Para of Dulyatali union under Laxmichari sub-district in Khagrachari district.

In the morning the girl accompanied by one of her cousin Mr. Jibon Chakma (19) was going to Sialya Para of Ghilachari union under Naniarchar sub-district in Rangamati district by a hired motor-bike that was being driven by a Bengali driver from Rangamati. Around 11:00 a.m. when they reached the Moghaichari area of Dulyatali union they were stopped by 7 Muslim settlers riding on 4 motor-bikes. Of them 4 Muslim settlers detained and beat Jibon Chakma and the motor-bike driver. Other 3 Muslim settlers took the girl forcibly to nearby bush and gang raped her one after another. At that time, the culprits took away a golden chain and a hair ring from the girl and a mobile set and taka 15,000 from Jibon Chakma.

Hearing the outcry of the victims, nearby villagers informed the police. Around 1:30 p.m. police rushed to the spot and rescued the victims. A case was filed by Mr. Arun Chakma, elder brother of the girl, under Woman and Children Oppression Prevention Act against 7 unidentified persons with the Laxmichari police station. Case no. is 01, date- 01/02/2012. Till preparing the report, none of the culprits was arrested by police.

After filing the case, the girl was sent to Khagrachari district Hospital for medical test. On that day, around 9:00 p.m. the girl was admitted to the Hospital. Till preparing the report, no medical result was found. The head of the medical board fro medical test Dr. Sanjib Tripura denied to pass any comment on medical test of the victim. However, Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Laxmichari police station said that negative result has found in the test. According to locals, the suspect culprits were identified as-

  1. Mohamed Shamim (18) son of Ratan Mian
  2. Mohamed Shahidul (24) son of Khalil Mollah
  3. Mohamed Rafiqul (22) son of Imran Ali
  4. Mohamed Reaz (18) son of Ibrahim of Moghaichari cluster village.

It is worth mentioning that recently violence against indigenous women is intensified by the Muslim settlers. The biggest concern in rape and other violence against indigenous women is the lack of access to justice and absolute impunity that perpetrators enjoy. In 2011, 5 indigenous women, of them 3 from the CHT and 2 from the plain lands, were killed after rape while 11 indigenous women were raped. Except 1 woman from the plain lands, the rest of the raped women were from the CHT region. In addition, attempts to rape were made on 8 indigenous women including 1 from the plain lands while 5 women (4 from the CHT and 1 from the plain lands) were abducted. Almost all violence against indigenous women in the CHT were committed by the Muslim settlers.


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