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Body of Chikon Mila Chakma
On 14 December 2011 Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers attacked indigenous Buddhist people in Baghaichari and Dighinala following the death of a settler named Mohamed Sattar. An indigenous woman named Chikon Mila Chakma was killed in Dighinala and at least 10 indigenous people were injured. Dead body of Ms. Chikon Mila Chakma lies in Khagrachari hospital morgue.

Bengali Muslim settlers attack indigenous people in Baghaichari and Dighinala

On 14 December 2011 following the death of a Muslim settler named Mohamed Sattar, the Muslim settlers attacked indigenous people in Baghaichari in Rangamati district and Dighinala in Khagrachari district. An indigenous woman was killed in Dighinala and at least 10 indigenous people were injured in this attack.

It is learnt that deceased Mohamed Sattar (30) of Kabakhali settler village under Dighinala had been ferrying passengers by motorbike from Dighinala to Baghaichari. He went missing on 13 December after ferrying a passenger from Kabakhali of Dighinala to Baghaichari. His dead body was recovered on 14 December near Marishyachara area in Baghaichari.

Soon after dead body of Mohamed Sattar was recovered, the Muslim settlers became agitated and started to attack indigenous people at Marishya bazaar under Baghaichari and Babuchara bazaar under Dighinala. 14 December was bazaar day at Marishya bazaar and Babuchara bazaar.

Muslim settlers indiscriminately attacked indigenous people at Marishya bazaar. At least 8 indigenous people including a college student were injured. Chairman of Baghaichari upazila Mr. Sudarshan Chakma and local reporter of daily Prothom Alo Mr. Sadhan Bikash were driven away by Muslim settlers while they went to Chowmuhani area of Marishya bazaar to look into the incident. Among others, the following indigenous victims of Marishya attack were identified-

  1. Mr. Shanti Moy Chakma (36), officer of CHT Development Board
  2. Mr. Mukut Kanti Tripura (50), manager of CHT Development Board
  3. Mr. Ronik Chakma (35), rubber businessman of CHT Development Board
  4. Mr. Kalachokko Chakma (28) from Tulaban under Baghachari.

The Muslim settlers also attacked indigenous villagers at Kabakhali bazaar. Sources said that Muslim settlers attacked a jeep carrying indigenous passengers at Kabakhali bazaar. Almost all indigenous passengers except one Chikon Mila Chakma could narrowly escape. However, Ms. Chikon Mila Chakma (40) w/o Jiten Chakma of village Kaurimachara of Kabakhali union could not to escape. She was brutally chopped to kill. Her dead body was taken to Khagarchari district hospital for autopsy. Jiten Chakma (45), husband of Chikon Mila Chakma was also injured. He is now under treatment at Dighinala health complex.

Hundreds of Muslim settlers gathered at Jamtali area (along the Khagrachari-Dighinala road) under Dighinala upazila with the intention to attack indigenous passengers. The Muslim settlers are still trying to spread communal tension in Rangamati and Khagrachari districts.


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