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Ban Ki Moon meets Bangladesh delegation
UN chief Ban Ki Moon meets Bangladesh delegation led by prime minister Sheikh Hasina and foreign minister Dipu Moni.

UN chief Ban Ki Moon laugh at Sheikh Hasina for mis-representing the indigenous people

On 23 September 2011 UN secretary general Ban ki-Moon met Bangladeshi delegation led by prime minister Sheikh Hasina and foreign minister Dipu Moni at the UN headquarters in New York. The UN secretary general expressed his interest in visiting Bangladesh at the meeting with prime minister Sheikh Hasina. He will visit Bangladesh in November this year. Ban ki-Moon said the purpose of his trip is mainly to visit rural infrastructures in Bangladesh. During the meeting the prime minister discussed with him the steps taken by her government, especially for infrastructure and human resource development.

The UN chief praised the women empowerment in Bangladesh. The empowerment of women in Bangladesh, he said, could be a model for other countries. He said this is the reason of his interest in visiting Dhaka.

The UN chief raised the issue of indigenous people in Bangladesh during the meeting. The prime minister and foreign minister said " We (Bengalis) are the main indigenous people of Bangladesh. The tribes came to Bangladesh later than our ancestors. In that count we are the indigenous people". The secretary general then told her with a joking connotation "Then your permanent representative Dr. Momen is an indigenous person. There is an indigenous person in the UN, it's not an easy feat". Then he broke in laughter.


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