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Sexual assault victim of Lama
On 30 July 2011 Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers sexually assaulted a 15 years old indigenous Buddhist girl in Lama of Bandarban district. The settlers attacked the indigenous people who went there to rescue the girl. The Muslim settlers murdered 3 indigenous Buddhist people.

Bengali settler attempts to rape an indigenous Marma girl in Thanchi of Bandarban district

On 12 September 2011 Mohamed Shah Jahan Mian (26) s/o Abdul Mannan attemped to rape a 3-years old indigenous girl. The victim was identified as Hla Hla Saing Marma, daughter of Mr. Charli Prue and Mrs. Mamau Marma. The Muslim settler was working as a construction labourer near the primary school. On that day at about 3:00 pm Mohamed Shah Jahan took away the girl while she was playing in the vicinity of their house. Their house was close to a building under the construction. At first, the culprit kissed the innocent girl, then made her dress put off and made her undressed. Seeing such acts of the culprit, the girl started crying.

Hearing the weeping of the victim, teachers of nearby Thanchi Government Model Primary School, including the girl’s mother rushed to the spot. They found that, the girl was howling and Mohamed Shah Jahan was standing aside. The girl at once described the occurrence to her mother. Considering the description of the offspring, her mother and other teachers of the school caught the culprit red handed and later handed over to the police. A case was filed against Mohamed Shah Jahan in connection with sexual molestation.


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