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Longadu Woman
On 17 February 2011 Border Guards of Bangladesh and Muslim settlers attacked the indigenous Buddhist people at Longadu leaving at least 2 indigenous people seriously injured. The aim of the attack was to drive out the indigenous Chakma Buddhists and grab their land. A Chakma woman picks up the pieces after the house was burnt down by the settlers.

Bengali settlers grab indigenous land in Gungru Mukh of Bandarban district

On 12 September 2011, a group of Muslim settlers led by A.K.M. Jahangir threatened the indigenous Khiyang community at Gungru Mukh Para in Bandarban district of fierce consequences if they do not leave the land.

Mr. Jahangir took 25 acres of land for rubber plantation as lease at Chemi Dawlu Para bordering to Gungru Mukh Para. But he occupied 75 acres of land belonging to indigenous Khiyang community. Mr. Jahangir claimed that he purchased the additional 50 acres of land. Mr. Bacha Khiyang, a local leader of Khiyang community said that Mr. Jahangir threatened the Khiyang villagers with communal attack against them.

According to the local Khiyang people, they have been living in that land for more than hundred years. On 18 November 1985 a Muslim settler Nurul Huda s/o Choiyadur Rahman of Meri Villa of Barisal district acquired 25 acres of land as lease for 40 years. In the same way, in 1985 another Muslim settlers S. M. Syed took lease 25 acres of land for 40 years. But as per agreement of the leases, they never planted rubber. As they failed to use the land as per agreement of the lease, their lease was cancelled by the office of the Deputy Commissioner of Bandarban district in 1998. At that time, no one challenged the cancellation notice.

At present, the Khiyang villagers are passing in insecurity and at any moment Mr. Jahangir and his cadres may attack them. The local indigenous Khiyang community has submitted a memorandum to the Deputy Commissioner of Bandarban district for resolving the crisis. But no initiative has been taken to resolve the dispute.


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