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Rangamati landgrab Rangamati landgrab
On 19 August 2011, the Bengali settlers backed by Bangladesh army grabbed this indigenous land at Rangamati. Bangladesh army not only protects the Bengali settlers, it also actively assist the settlers in indigenous land grab.

Bengali settlers erect 5 houses on indigenous land in Rangamati municipality

Within the night between 27-28 August 2011, newly infiltrated Muslim settlers erected 5 houses Jalajan Ghat of Rangamati brigade headquarters and Tatu Roy Adam (public health area) under Rangamati municipality in Rangamati district. In the morning of 28 August when indigenous Chakma people of Tatu Roy Adam tried to oppose Muslim settlers from occupying land and construction of houses, they argued that they got permission from the Bangladesh army.

Previously some indigenous people wanted to construct house there, but the Bangladesh army did not allow them on the excuse that the place was near army brigade office. An objection against overnight land grabbing and construction of house by Bengali settlers was put to the Rangamati brigade authority. However, brigade authority is killing time saying that the top boss of the brigade is absent at the station.

Last year Muslim settlers numbering 24 families occupied 20 acres of land which is under process for settlement for a cooperative society named Ashrayan Samity run by indigenous people of Rangamati. Ashrayan Samity got recommendations from local mouza headman. The Muslim settlers erected a mosque on that land without any authorization.

On the other hand, during the State of Emergency, Muslim settlers erected a mosque on a tennis ground at Vedvedi area under Rangamati municipality. Bangladesh army not only protects the Muslim settlers, it also encourages and directly assist them in land grabbing.


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