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Thanchi Karbaries
On 18 September 2011 Capt. Rashed of Baro Modak BGB (Border Guard Bangladesh) camp inhumanly tortured 2 Karbaries (indigenous village heads) of Baro Modak area of Thanchi in Bandarban. On that day camp commander Capt. Rashed called a public meeting with the Karbaries of nearby villages at the camp. At a stage of the meeting Capt. Rashed became agitated and started to beat Mr. Bathowai Aung Marma (50) and Khyai Sathui Marma (45). He fastened their hands and beat them with sticks.

Bangladesh police beat and torture 22 indigenous students in Khagrachhari

On 7 August 2011 Bangladesh Police indiscriminately beat and tortured 22 indigenous students during a peaceful demonstration in Khagrachari for constitutional recognition of indigenous people in Bangladesh. As the procession left from the college compound gate, upwards of 60 policemen, including the Assistant Superintendent of the Khagrachari Police and the Officer in Charge created a barrier to direct the flow towards Chengis Square. There, they suddenly attacked the indigenous students with batons, kicking and slapping them. 22 students were injured, among which four were severely injured. As the procession was heading back, officers and army men surrounded the college gate and the hospital, they picked out one student, and indiscriminately beat him, resulting in severe injury.

The right to peaceful assembly is an undeniable human right and the police actions are a clear violation of Bangladesh’s commitments under international human rights treaties. The event was just one of the many cases where the government showed clear intention to bring a halt to the voice of the indigenous people fighting to have their fundamental rights recognized.


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