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Sexual assault victim of Lama
On 30 July 2011 Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers sexually assaulted a 15 years old indigenous Buddhist girl in Lama of Bandarban district. The settlers attacked the indigenous people who went there to rescue the girl. The Muslim settlers murdered 3 indigenous Buddhist people.

Bengali settlers rape an indigenous woman in Naikhyongchari

On 10 February 2011 Bengali Muslim settlers raped Isarum Tripura (22) in Naikhyongchari under Bandarban district. The victim was admitted at Naikhyongchari Hospital with serious injuries. The victim is the wife of Habiram Tripura of Shilajiripara of Naikhyongchari. On that day in the morning she accompanied by her brother-in-law Konaram Tripura (8) went to the farmland 3 kms away from her home. Around 10.30 am, five Muslim settlers attacked and then raped her. Hearing the victimís scream the local villagers rushed to the scene, but the Muslim settlers ran away. Muslim settlers tried to kill her while she was screaming. However, she narrowly escaped death as local villagers rushed there. Muslim settlers slashed the victim with a sharp metal weapon. The victim sustained serious injuries on her right hand.

One of the rapists was identified as Mohamed Dildar (35) from Ramu in Coxís bazaar district.


Kapaeeng Foundation (An Human Rights Organization for Indigenous Peoples of Bangladesh)

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