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Longadu Victims
On 17 February 2011 Border Guards of Bangladesh and Muslim settlers attacked the indigenous Buddhist people at Longadu leaving at least 2 indigenous people seriously injured. The aim of the attack was to drive out the indigenous Chakma Buddhists and grab their land. A Chakma couple pick up the pieces after the house was burnt down by the settlers.

Bengali settlers prevent cremation of dead body in Mahalchari of Khagrachari

On 31 January 2011 Bengali Muslim settlers tried to prevent cremation of dead body at Madya Lemuchari under Mahalchari upazila in Khagrachari district. On that day indigenous people took dead body of aged woman named Kalaudi Chakma to cremation ground. At that time, a group of Muslim settlers led by Abul (70) rushed there and asked indigenous people not to cremate dead body there claiming this land was occupied by them.

Indigenous people contacted chairman of Mahalchari upazila Mr. Sona Ratan Chakma over telephone. He along with Upazila Executive Officer rushed there and made compromise to cremate dead body of Kalaudi Chakma for the moment. Since rehabilitation of indigenous people in 1960s after displacement due to construction of Kaptai dam, indigenous people have been using 0.40 acres of land as cremation ground. This land was given up by Sinni Kumar Chakma for cremation.


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