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Sexual assault victim of Lama
On 30 July 2011 Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers sexually assaulted a 15 years old indigenous Buddhist girl in Lama of Bandarban district. The settlers attacked the indigenous people who went there to rescue the girl. The Muslim settlers murdered 3 indigenous Buddhist people.

Bengali settler attempted to rape an indigenous Chakma woman in Laxmichari

On 15 April 2010 a Muslim settler attempted to rape an indigenous woman in Bandarkaba Mukh in Laxmichari town under Khagrachari district. A Muslim settler named Hamidullah crept into the house of Hari Mohan Chakma at midnight and tried to rape his sister's mother-in-law Ms Kalachizi Chakma (40). In his attempt to rape her, Hamidullah bit her and tore her blouse apart. When Kalachizi screamed for help, other people in the house and their neighbors came to rescue her and caught Hamidullah red handed.

The villagers handed him over to his elder brother Mohamed Azibor after giving him a sound beating. The next morning Ms. Kalachizi Chakma filed a case against Hamidullah with the Laxmichari police station, but the police did not take any action.


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