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An indigenous Chakma woman
On 19-20 February 2010 Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers attacked the indigenous people at Baghaichari. At least 76 indigenous houses were burnt down including Buddhist temples. The aim of the attack was to drive out the indigenous Chakma Buddhists and grab their land. An indigenous Chakma woman after the Baghaihat attack.

Bangladesh army rape 2 indigenous Tripura women in Matiranga of Khagrachari district.

On 9 March 2010, Barun Bala Tripura (30) wife of late Jala Kumar Tripura and Kalpana Tripura (30) wife of late Shashindra Tripura of Shonkhola Para village in Matiranga went to a forest near Toikatang army camp under Matiranga to collect grass to feed cattle. Around 9 am a group of 6 army personnel led by Habib from the camp attacked the women and raped them for 4 hours in the forest. Around 1 pm some indigenous villagers who were passing by the same forest saw the army personnel dragging and pulling the two women. The women screamed for help and the army men were forced to let them go when they saw the villagers.

The camp commander Mehedi was not present in the camp when the incident took place. He went out on a duty to Matiranga bazaar, putting Kamal in charge of the camp. Following the incident, the Matiranga zone commander visited Toikatang camp and called the local village elders to a meeting where he threatened them not to publicize the rape. Ms Renu Bala Tripura, a member of Guimara Union Council, confirmed the incident and accused the army of a cover-up. "The army is putting pressure on the village elders not to publicize the incident." she said.

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