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Ruikrashu Marma

On 4 December 2007 Bangladesh army backed Muslim settler raped indiegnous Buddhist girl Miss Ruikrashu Marma (10) when she was going to school in Ramgarh of Khagrachari district. Indigenous women and girls in CHT are in constant threat of rape.

Bengali settler attempted to rape a Tripura girl in Sindukchari

On 13 September 2009, Mohamed Alamgir (27) attempted to rape a Tripura girl (18 years) of Manjoy Karbari Para of Sindukchari under Mahalchari.

On that day around 11.00 am the victim was carrying lunch to her father at a paddy field. At that time the Muslim settler blocked her way and tried to grab her. But failing to grab her, the Muslim settler hit the victim from the back that caused her to drop the lunch box. The victim tried to run for life, but Mohamed Alamgir caught her from the back. A scuffle broke out between the settler and the victim. The victim became naked and was pulled to the foot of a hill. The settler tried to rape and strangle her. Hearing her scream, the victimís father Mr. Matindra Kumar Tripura went to the scene. Sensing the presence of the victimís father, Mohamed Alamgir rapidly fled the scene. Victim sustained several injuries on nose and mouth.

After rescuing his daughter, victimís father Mr. Matindra Kumar Tripura went to the office of the Sindukchari union and put objection before the chairman and members of the union. At that time, Mr. Rashedul Islam Bhuiyan, Sub-Inspector (SI) of Guimara police station was also present at Sindukchari union office. But he did not take any action against the culprit. Victim filed a case under section 10 of Women and Children Repression (Amendment) Act of 2003 against Mohamed Alamgir on 13 September 2009. As always the case, the police did not arrest the settler. Muslim settlers are sponsored and supported by the Bangladesh Army.


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