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Ramgarh Victims

On 17 April 2011 Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers attacked the indigenous Buddhist people at Ramgarh leaving at least 2 indigenous people dead and scores injured and missing. The aim of the attack was to drive out the indigenous Buddhists and grab their land. The indigenous victims of Bengali attack and their burnt down homes.

Army operation against indigenous villages in Naikhyingchari

On 16 August 2009 a group of BDR (Bangladesh Rifles) of 15 Battalion from Naikhyongchari camp and RAB (Rapid Action Battalion) jointly conducted operation at Baishari area under Naikhyongchari upazila in Bandarban district in the pretext of rescuing supervisor of rubber plantation Mr. Hefazuddin. It is mentionable that Mr. Hefazuddin and labourer Mohamed Najer were abducted on 15 August allegedly by an extortionist group led by Prokash Chakma who introduces himself a member of UPDF. Later, the abductors released Mohamed Najer and demanded ransom for releasing supervisor Mr. Hefazuddin.

During the operation, the BDR and RAB first encircled the Badurjiri Chak Para under Naikhyongchari upazila and arrested following 7 innocent indigneous people.

  1. Mr. Aungchagya Chak (37)
  2. Mr. Khijari Chak Karbari (50)
  3. Mr. Chathau Chakma (27)
  4. Mr. Athui Chak (33)
  5. Mr. Lagya Aung Chak (47)
  6. Mr. Swemong Sing Chak (18)
  7. Mr. Kyasing Mong Chak (30)

Soon after the arrest, the BDR & RAB took them to a nearby primary school and brutally tortured them. Then they released all except Aungchagya Chak. Aungchagya Chak was kept under BDR custody since the arrest. He was not handed over to police authority and even produced before court.

Again, on 22 August 2009 BDR and RAB jointly conducted operation to rescue Mr. Hefazuddin. They took following 12 indigenous villagers as helpers for search operation.

  1. Mr. Uchai Thowai Chak, (30)
  2. Mr. Uswe Ching Chak, (40)
  3. Mr. Kyajairi Chak (38)
  4. Mr. Uchinh Mong Chak (15)
  5. Mr. Aung Shajai Chak (15)
  6. Mr. Chai Thowaihla Chak (30)
  7. Mr. Uchagya Chak (20)
  8. Mr. Uthowai Mong Chak (50)
  9. Mr. Chai Aung Chak (50)
  10. Mr. Chathui Aung Chak (30)
  11. Mr. Kyaching Chak (13)
  12. Mr. Dhungchai Aung Chak (18)

But BDR and RAB failed to rescue Mr. Hefazuddin. Due to failing, they became angry upon the helpers of innocent indigenous villagers. Then the indigenous villagers were gathered at a local junior high school and inhumanly torturee by turn by the BDR and RAB there. Besides them, the following Chak villagers were also brutally tortured by the BDR and RAB at the junior high school.

  1. Mr. Machingla Chak (12)
  2. Mr. Kramaching Chak (18)
  3. Ms. Nongkhain Chak (25) wife of Uchaka Chak
  4. Mr. Dhungcha Aung Chak (48)
  5. Mr. Chingchala Chak (47)

Most of villagers were set free on 22 August, except 7 innocent villagers. BDR kept them under its custody. Another 4 villagers were released on 23 August afternoon, but following indigenous villagers are still under BDR custody without producing before the court as par law.

  1. Mr. Janing Aung Chak (55)
  2. Ms. Janimey Chak (50) wife of Janing Aung Chak
  3. Ms. Lachau Chak (45) wife of Swe Jaiu Chak
  4. Mr. Aungchagya Chak (37)

BDR and RAB personnel threatened that all the villagers would be put in jail and indigenous villagers would be evicted if the villagers failed to rescue Mr. Hefazuddin. The villagers of indigenous community at Baishari areas under Naikhyongchari are living with fears and insecurity.


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