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Longadu Girl

On 17 February 2011 Border Guards of Bangladesh and Muslim settlers attacked the indigenous Buddhist people at Longadu leaving at least 2 indigenous people seriously injured. The aim of the attack was to drive out the indigenous Chakma Buddhists and grab their land. A Chakma girl picks up the pieces after the house was burnt down by the settlers.

Bengali settlers attack indigenous villagers in Longadu

On 14 August 2009 a group of Muslim settlers tried to attack indigenous villages at Bagachadar union under Longadu upazila. At least four Chakma villagers were beaten and looted in this assault.

According to recent government declaration of withdrawal of 35 temporary camps, Kathaltali camp was earmarked for withdrawal. On 13 August 2009 out of 30 personnel of the camp 15 were withdrawn and rest of forces were supposed to be withdrawn on 14 August 2009.

In the morning on 14 August Muslim settlers from Thega Para near Kathaltali camp gathered near the camp and blockaded the camp to prevent withdrawal of the forces. At a stage around 11.30 am, a group of Muslim settlers equipped with sharp weapon and stick tried to attack two indigenous villages Ranjit Para and Bagachadar village. However, the indigenous villagers resisted the Muslim settlers’ attack.

At that time, following indigenous villgers were attacked at Thega Para village while they were returning home from Boiragi Dokan Bazaar. Thega Para is a Muslim settlement and located between Ranjit Para and Boiragi Doka Bazzar. They were severely beaten and looted. The victims were:

  1. Mr. Vim Chakma (22)
  2. Mr. Surja Chakma (38)
  3. Mr. Amalendu Chakma (35)
  4. Mr. Chandra Mohan Headman (68)

Sensing the incident, Vice Chairman of Upazila Parishad Mr. Jane Alam, Officer-in-Charge of Longadu police station Mr. Dajjala and one Subedar (lower level commander) of Kathaltali camp rushed the spot. They seized all the sticks from the indigenous villgers. But they did not seize weapons from the Muslim settlers. They also held a meeting with representative of the Muslim settlers and indigenous villegrs at Kathalitali camp where a committee was formed with following representatives:

Muslim settlers: Makbul, Shamsul Sarder, Jamshed leader, Kasem member, Borhan member, Gaffar (an army) and Wasim Ali Akand chairman (Bagachadar UP).

Indigenous villegrs: Binoy Prasad Chakma, Tarit Kanti Chakma, Profulla master, Bina Chakma (UP member), Rupen Chakma, Sunil Kanti headman, Runu Chakma (UP member) and Subhash Chakma.

The members of the committee were asked to pacify their own communities. However, the indigenous representatives alleged that the indigenous villagers did not attack the Muslim settlers, rather Muslim settlers tried to do so. Hence, action should be taken against the Muslim settlers.


Kapaeeng Foundation
(An Human Rights Organization for Indigenous Peoples of Bangladesh)

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