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Baghaihat Monk

On 19-20 February 2010 Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers attacked the indigenous people at Baghaichari. At least 76 indigenous houses were burnt down including Buddhist temples. The aim of the attack was to drive out the indigenous Chakma Buddhists and grab their land. A Buddhist monk surveys his gutted temple.

Bangladesh army harassed a Buddhist monk at Naniarchar

On 21 May 2009 Captain Shamim of Betchari army camp under Naniarchar upazila in Rangamati district harassed and tried to beat Rev. Bishuddhananda Bhikkhu, chief priest of Ratnankur Buddhist Temple in Naniarchar along with his fellow monks and novices while he was returning from Mahalchari upazila after attending a religious event at Tarachari village of Kengelchari area.

The army halted the vehicle carrying Rev. Bishuddhananda Bhikkhu when it reached at the check post of Betchari army camp around 10.30 am. The army ordered the passengers to get off the vehicle. However, Rev. Bishuddhananda Bhikkhu refused to get off, though others got off. Rev. Bishuddhananda Bhikkhu argued not to check the vehicle as it belongs to his Buddhist temple.

Captain Shamim misbehaved and tried to tie him with a rope. In the meantime, a group of army from the hill top of army camp came down to the check post with ropes in their hands. After one and half hours, the Second-in-Command of Naniachar zone rushed there and apologised for the misbehaviour and then allowed the monks to go their temple in Naniarchar.

Protesting against harassment of Buddhist monk, demonstration was brought out in Chittagong and Naniarchar. It is learnt that two protesters namely Ms Juthika Chakma, and Ms Mika Chakma were arrested while they were returning from the protest. They were set free from Naniarchar army zone after taking signature on blank white paper.


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