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Indigenous victims of Sajek Muslim attack

On 20 April 2008 Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers attacked and burnt down 76 indigenous Buddhist houses in Sajek. The aim of the attack was to drive out the indigenous Buddhist villagers and grab their land. The indigenous Chakma Buddhists and their burnt down houses after the attack.

Settlers attack and injure 10 indigenous Marma people in Mahalchari

On 24-26 November 2008 around 3:30pm, the Muslim settlers led by Jasim Uddin attacked the indigenous people who were going to a funeral in the Tholipara village. Four of the injured were admitted to Khagrachari hospital in critical condition.

On 24 November, the Muslim settlers captured two indigenous youths Tissu Chakma (18) and Tikon Tripura (18) and handed them over to the Bangladesh army. This created resentment among the indigenous villagers, who decided not to allow them to fish in their area.

On 26 Noverber, around 1 pm when a group of Muslim settlers went to fish near an indigenous Chakma village, the villagers told them that they would not be allowed to fish until the indigenous youths were set free. A heated altercation took place between the two sides, leading to a minor scuffle. After coming back, the Muslim settlers incited their fellow Muslim settlers and attacked the indigenous people near the police station without any provocation. These indigenous people were not in any way involved in the previous incidents. The indigenous people tried to resist the attack but with little success. The police intervened only after the attack was over. Army personnel were also deployed later on. At least ten indigenous poeple were injured in the premeditated attack. Four of them were admitted to Khagrachari hospital. They have been identified as Ulhapru Marma(42), Kamol Marma (25), Mrs. Shuimrasang Marma(60) and Kangja Aung Marma(34).


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