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Victim of Bangladesh Army Torture

On 4 August 2008 a group of Bangladesh army personnel led by Capt. Tanvir demanded few chickens from Buddhist villagers Mr. Tonchongya of Belaichari. When Mr. Tonchongya refused the Muslim soldiers of Bangladesh army blind folded him and tortured him resulting in the fracture of his right leg. Thereafter Tanvir forced the local village chief Anil Chandra Tonchongya and Doctor Priya Dorshi to sign a statement stating that Mr. Tonnyapu Tonchongya got his leg fractured while running away from the army.

Bangladesh army tortures 3 indigenous villagers in Bilaichari

On 8 July 2008 a group of Bangladesh army personnel from Digholchari zone raided the Mashkaba Chara village in Belaichari union. The soldiers severely tortured three indigenous people in the village before going back to their camp. After the army personnel had left, the villagers took the tortured victims to Belaicahri Hospital in serious conditions. But the hospital authorities refused to admit them on the ground that they lacked adequate treatment facilities. Instead, the hospital authorities referred the victims to Chandraghona Hospital, where one of them died the following day on 9 July. His dead body was brought back to the village on 10 July. The other two victims were still in deep coma. After the death of 1st victim, the military seized other two victims in the hospital and were denying their relatives access to them.


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