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Indigenous victims of Sajek Muslim attack

On 20 April 2008 Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers attacked and burnt down 76 indigenous Buddhist houses in Sajek. The aim of the attack was to drive out the indigenous Buddhist villagers and grab their land. The indigenous Chakma Buddhists and their burnt down houses after the attack.

Bengali settlers incite communal riot in Baghaichari over the accidental death of a settler

On 25 May 2008, the Muslim setters attempted to use the death of Abul Hossain (15) to launch a communal attack against the indigenous villages in Baghaichari under Rangamati district. Abul Hossain went to the lake to fish on Saturday (24 May) morning. The following day in the afternoon his dead body was recovered. Abul Hossain was actually drowned in the water. A section of the Muslim settlers then incited communal sentiment among the Muslim settlers over the boy's death and tried to mount an attack on indigenous villages in Sarbotoli and Sizok Dore.

Indigenous people also organized themselves to repulse the attack and the battle cry Ujo (March forward) reverberated throughout 40 to 50 indigenous villages in the area - from Sarbotoli to Tuloban. Because of this and because of lack of support from the Bangladesh army, the Muslim settlers dared not attack. Otherwise there would have been another communal attack.


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