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Ruikrashu Marma

On 4 December 2007 Bangladesh army backed Muslim settler raped indiegnous Buddhist girl Miss Ruikrashu Marma (10) when she was going to school in Ramgarh of Khagrachari district. Indigenous women and girls in CHT are in constant threat of rape.

Bangladesh Police refuses to register rape case against a Bengali settler in Manikchari

On 7 December 2007 Mr. Ramau Marma the father of under aged raped victim Miss Ruikrashu Aung Marma (10) went to Manikchari police station to register a case against Shahin, the Muslim settler who raped Miss Ruikrashu Aung Marma on 4 December 2007. Bangladesh Police of Manikchari police station refused to register a case against the Muslim settler.

In a written complaint, Mr. Ramau Marma the father of the victim alleged that on 4 December 2007, Tuesday, at about 9:30 am her daughter Ruikrashu Aung Marma aged 10 and a year 3 student was going to Warkchari Government Primary School when Shahin from Gochchabil village raped her near a jungle path at Hafchari, approximately 500 yards from the school. At around 10 am on the basis of information provided by an unknown passerby, the school headmaster rescued the victim.


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