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Muslim settlers clear land of Sadantila Buddhist Temple

In August 2007 Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers broke into the boundary of Sadhantila Buddhist Temple in Dighinala and began clearing the land for erecting houses inside the temple boundary.

Ministray of CHT Affairs orders Deputy Commissioner of Khagrachari to settle 812 Bengali families in Dighinala

On 19 November 2007 Ministry of CHT Affairs (MoCHTA) ordered Deputy Commissioner of Khagrachari district to settle 812 Muslim families in Babuchara Mouza of Dighinala sub-district. The order was issued by Mohamed Sulut Zaman, Deputy Secretary of MoCHTA on 19 November 2007 under memo no. pachabima(pa-1)-kha-chari/bibidha/11/372.

Since 13 August 2007 the Muslim settlers with help of Bangladesh army had started programmes to forcibly capture indigenous Chakma people's land of the area. But due to tremendous pressures from national and international communities, the drive was postponed for the time being at the end of September 2007. After a pause of few months, they had resumed the drive.

The Sadhana Tila area of Babuchara comprises about 300 acres of land and houses a Buddhist Meditation Center and a sizable indigenous Chakma population. Indigenous Chakma people have been living in these areas from time immemorial. In 1984-85 Government settled these 812 Muslim families who were brought from plain districts of Bangladesh and gave land deed without taking approval of Headman of Baghaichari mouza. Due to military attack by the then Shanti Bahini, Muslim settlers were settled in cluster villages near Bangladesh army camps.


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