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Muslim settlers clear land of Sadantila Buddhist Temple

In August 2007 Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers broke into the boundary of Sadhantila Buddhist Temple in Dighinala and began clearing the land for erecting houses inside the temple boundary.

Benglali settlers grab indigenous peoples' land in Karallyachari village of Maischari

On 4 November 2007 at about 8 - 9 a.m. two groups of Muslim settlers led by Mobarok (50), Majid (50) and Lebu (45) - went to Karallyachari village to capture 100 acres of indigenous land. The Muslim settlers were armed with machete, axe and sticks. The Muslim settlers cut jungle for construction of houses and grass for their cattle as if the land belongs to them. Each of the groups comprised of 20 persons. The group led by Mobarok and Majid came from Kiangghat and the other led by Lebu came from Nunchari.

When the head of the village Mr. Nikhil Karbari (35) protested, the settlers paid no heed to him. Rather, Mobarok threatened him with dire consequences if he dared to resist them. Since August of this year, hundreds of acres of land have already been taken away by force. Bangladesh army is providing full support to the Muslim settlers and in most cases it has been actually involved in the planning and execution of the land-grabs. The problem of land grabbing is particularly acute in Dadkuppya, Bhuiochari, Lemuchari, Kiangghat, Bodanala and Nunchari.


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