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Myenu Marma

Myenu Marma (23) was a victim of attempted rape of a Muslim settler in Laxmichari of Khagrachari District. The settler wounded her at neck with a machete.

Bengali settler attempts to rape an indigenous Marma girl in Laxmichari

On 26 October 2007, a Muslim settler named Mohamed Mostafa of Moyurkhil cluster village attempted to rape an indigenous girl at Laxmichari in Khagrachari district. The incident occurred at around 10 am when Ms Myenu Marma alias Anu (23) was on her way to Shalbon Buddhist Temple at Hatichara to make food offering to the Buddhist monks on the occasion of Prabarana or full moon festival.

Seeing her alone on the road Mohamed Mostafa stopped her at a place near Kalimondir a Hindu temple and then grabbed her. Desperate in his attempt, the Muslim settler also struck her in the neck with a sharp knife leaving her seriously wounded. As she resisted and screamed for help, people from the nearby village rushed there and rescued her. But by that time, the settler was able to snatch her gold necklace and run away. She was admitted to Laxmichari Health Complex and needed many stitches in her neck. Ms. Anu Marma is a resident of Monghola village in Lakshmichari. Her father's name is Thoaichai Marma.


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