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Ranglai Mro

On 23 February 2007 Bangladesh Army arrested Mr. Railai Mro from Bandarban district. Mr. Mro is an indigenous activist who protested the illegal grabbing of indigenous land by the Bangladesh army. Mr. Railai Mro was brutally tortured by the army. Ranglai Mro is seen handcuffed to his hospital bed at the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD) under police guard. Photo: Banglar Chokh.

Bangladesh army interfere with the trial of Satyabir Dewan and Ranglai Mro at Chittagong court

The trial of PCJSS General Secretary Mr. Satyabir Dewan has also been started in Chittagong judge court in May 2007. So far 3 of hearings of the trial had been held. It is reported that one Major Yeasin of Bangladesh army from Rangamati Brigade is dealing the case in the Chittagong court on behalf of the joint forces. Major Yeasin frequently contacts and talks with judges in the court for influencing the trial process. It is mentionable that Mr. Dewan was transferred to Chittagong jail from Rangamati jail in April 2007.

On the other, the trial of Ranglai Mro, Headman and Chairman of Sualok union, Bandarban has started in Chittagong judge court. It is also reported that the lawyer of Ranglai Mro has initiated submission of bail petition for Ranglai Mro. But the joint forces seized all the documents from the court. Hence, the bail petition has not been submitted. The lawyers are in doubt in getting impartial trial as Major Yeasin frequently trying interference the trial process. Mr. Mro was also transferred to Chittagong jail from Bandarban jail in April 2007.


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