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Bangladesh army

On 19-20 February 2010 Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers attacked the indigenous Buddhist people at Baghaichari. Many indigenous houses were burnt down including Buddhist temples. The aim of the attack was to drive out the indigenous Chakma Buddhists and grab their land. Members of the Bangladesh army in CHT.

Bangladesh army intimidate and interfere with the trial of PCJSS leaders in Rangamati court

The PCJSS leaders Satyabir Dewan, Bimal Kanti Chakma, Ranjit Kumar Dewan, Udayjoy Chakma and Mayachan Chakma who had been arrested on 18 February 2007 were taken for 3 days remand by the police of Rangamati police station on 24 February 2007. They were produced before the court on 28 February 2007 after completing remand. They all were falsely charged with the killing of Kina Mohan Chakma, a supporter of Sama Odhikar Andolan (a communal organisation backed by Bangladesh army and Islamic fundamentalist groups). Mr. Satyabir Dewan was again taken for 2 days remand on 28 February 2007 after the court. He was falsely charged with keeping illegal arms in his house. After completing 2 days remand, the police produced him before court on 1 March. The court again placed 2 days remand for 3 rd time. Mr. Satyabir Dewan is suffering from ill health. Hence, the consecutive remands may harm his health. He was not supplied with adequate food and being continuously interrogated. He deprived of sleep. He was being awakened at mid-night for interrogation to mentally torture him.

During the court session on 28 February 2007, nobody was allowed to stay at courtroom and nearby area except police and lawyers. At first, an army major came to Magistrate's room and talked for half an hour with him. After that, all people including relatives of Satyabir Dewan and his colleagues were driven out from courtroom and nearby area. Then Mr. Satyabir Dewan and his colleagues were brought one after another and produced before the court. Nobody was allowed to meet him at the courtroom. Even his wife could not meet him. The army and its intelligence agency DGFI had been collecting information about the lawyers of Satyabir Dewan and his colleagues to intimidate the lawyers of the indigenous activists.

On 25 February 2007 the joint forces (Bangladesh army and police) along with a magistrate searched the house of Satyabir Dewan. They seized bank account documents of Satyabir Dewan, his son Polo Dewan and his wife. These bank accounts were personal deposit pension scheme and saving accounts. They also seized a broken toy-pistol that was bought during the childhood of his younger son and two coins (one rupee coin and five rupee coin) of Indian currency that were collected by his younger son as souvenir. It is reported that the joint forces is trying to file illegal foreign currency case with these two coins. The joint forces also seized some books that were collected for personal reading.


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