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Settlers argue with Buddhist monk

In August 2007, Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers broke into the boundary of Sadhantila Buddhist Temple in Dighinala and began erecting houses inside the temple boundary. Here the settlers argue with resident Buddhist monk.

Bengali settlers grab indigenous land with the help of Bangladesh army in Ultachari of Khagrachari district

On 27 August 2006 the Muslim settlers equipped with machete started clearing jungle of Ultachari village in Khagrachari district with the aim of acquiring indigenous land. The indigenous Chakmas tried to resist the Muslim settlers. At that stage, a group of Bangladesh Army personnel rushed to the scene to help their Muslim co-religionists. The army ordered the indigenous Chakma people to vacate the place for Muslim settlers. The Muslim settlers also attacked a villager named Mr. Dipu Chakma (27) with machete. He was admitted at Khagrachari hospital with serious injuries. The Bangladesh Army detained and took the following indigenous Chakma villagers to army camp where they were severely tortured

  1. Mr. Tuntu Chakma of Datkupya village under Mahalchari
  2. Mr. Titon Chakma of Datkupya village under Mahalchari
  3. Mr. Pranoy Chakma (20) of Datkupya village under Mahalchari
  4. Mr. Ghakru Chakma of Datkupya village under Mahalchari
  5. Mr. Prabhat Chakma of Bihar Para village under Mahalchari.

Mr. Prabhat Chakma was released from camp on the same day. Others were released on 31 August 2006.


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