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Victim of Bangladesh Army Torture

On 4 August 2008, a group of Bangladesh army personnel led by Capt. Tanvir demanded few chickens from Buddhist villagers Mr. Tonchongya of Belaichari. When Mr. Tonchongya refused the Muslim soldiers of Bangladesh army blind folded him and tortured him resulting in the fracture of his right leg. Thereafter Tanvir forced the local village chief Anil Chandra Tonchongya and Doctor Priya Dorshi to sign a statement stating that Mr. Tonnyapu Tonchongya got his leg fractured while running away from the army.

Bangladesh army arrests and tortures an indigenous Chakma man at Baghaihat

On 2 August 2006 at night around 2.00 am a group of Bangladesh army personnel from Karengatali army camp under Baghaihat, Rangamati arrested Mr. Pragati Chakma (32) a newly appointed teacher of Rupali Primary School and Mr. Suman Chakma (35), a member of Marishya Union Council (local government). The army handed them over to Baghaichari police station in connection with fire arm case. However, no arms were found during their arrest. Mrs Bidushi Chakma, wife of Mr. Suman Chakma alleged that the army looted gold, 4 wristwatches and Taka 40,170 during the assault. On 7 August both of them were released on bail from Rangamati magistrate court.


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