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Settlers clear indigenous land

In August 2007, Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers broke into the boundary of Sadhantila Buddhist Temple in Dighinala and began clearing the land for erecting houses inside the temple boundary.

Bengali settlers grab indigenous land with the help of Bangladesh army in Guimara of Khagrachari district

In March-April of 2006 a group of Muslim settlers led by Mohammed Muklesh and Mohammed Mahafuz grabbed about 50 acres of indigenous land at Guimara under Khagrachari. Mohammed Muklesh in previous occasion in 2001 had grabbed vast swath of indigenous land at Kuitarchara village of Guimara with the help of BNP MP Mohammed Wadud Bhuiyan. Mohammed Muklesh filed a case at Guimara Police station against the indigenous people. On 29 March 2006 Lt. Colonel Nurul Huda called a meeting at his office to resolve the conflict between the indigenous people and the Muslim settlers. Following people attended the meeting.

  1. Mohammed Nurul Huda, Zone Commander of Guimara Zone
  2. OC of Guimara Police Station
  3. Mr. Manindra Kishore Tripura, former Hill District Council Member
  4. Mr. Riprue Chai Chowdury, Headman, Guimara Mouza
  5. Mr. Vakta Karbari, Koitarchara village
  6. Mohamed Muklesh Leader, a Muslim settler
  7. Mr. Nagendra Narayan Tripura, Chairman of Guimara Union
  8. Mr. Hiron Tripura, Karbari of Hatoong Para
  9. Mohamed Mahfuz, s/o Abdul Halim, a Muslim settler

Both indigenous people and Muslim settlers accused each other of land grabbing. So no resolution came out of the meeting. However, they decided that the Chairman of Guimara Union would give a verdict on later date. Another meeting was held on 4 April 2006 at the residence of the Guimara Union Chairman. In this meeting the Muslim settlers intimidated the indigenous people. As a result, they declared that the indigenous people had no right in the disputed lands. The Muslim settlers forced the indigenous people to sign a paper regarding this declaration. The Muslim settlers are now building houses on the indigenous people's land at Guimara with the assistance of Bangladesh army. As a result, following indigenous people were uprooted from their ancestral lands.

  1. Mr. Kanti Chakma, s/o Vakta Chakma
  2. Mr. Miyadhan Chakma, s/o Chebda Chakma
  3. Mr. Kuma Ranjan Tripura, s/o Sib Charan Tripura
  4. Mr. Ajit Tripura, s/o Kunti Chandra Tripura
  5. Mr. Priya Lal Chakma.


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