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Ruikrashu Marma

On 4 December 2007, Bangladesh army backed Muslim settler raped indiegnous Buddhist girl Miss Ruikrashu Marma (10) when she was going to school in Ramgarh of Khagrachari district. Indigenous women and girls in CHT are in constant threat of rape.

Bangladesh army rape an indigenous Chakma woman in Baghaihat of Khagrachari district

On 10 April 2006 at around 11.30 am Subedar Kobad Ali, a non-commissioned officer of Bangladesh army of Duitila camp under Baghaihat zone raped a widow named Rupali Chakma (26 years) wife of late Dhana Bikash Chakma of Hazachari, Baghaihat. The victim was returning home from Baghaichari by a public bus. When the bus reached Duitila army camp, the Bangladesh army personnel ordered all the indigenous passengers including the victim to alight from the bus. During search, the army personnel found the victims widow allowance book and detained her on the passenger shed. They ordered the bus driver to leave the place along with other passengers. Two Ansar (Islamic Guard) personnel were also present during the search. No sooner had the bus left with other passengers, Subedar Kobad Ali ordered the Ansar personnel to leave the place. Few minutes later, Subedar Kobad Ali forcibly took the victim to a room of the camp and raped her. After an hour, the Subedar boarded her in a passenger jeep. The victim was threatened that she would be killed if she disclosed the incident to other.

The victim filed a case at the Rangamati police station. She applied for medical test to Rangamati hospital. But medical test was done almost 72 hours after the rape and result was reported negative. On the other, the security intelligence personnel of DGFI kept continuous vigilance upon her during her stay at Rangamati hospital. They tried to harass and interrogate her in the hospital. Due to military interference, the medical test was delayed and the result was reported negative.


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