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Settlers erect house on indigenous land

In August 2007, Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers broke into the boundary of Sadhantila Buddhist Temple in Dighinala and began erecting houses inside the temple boundary.

Bengali settlers attack indigenous people in Maischari of Khagrachari district

On 3 April 2006 at around 8.30 am a group of 100-150 Muslim settlers attacked 3 indigenous villages named Saprue Karbari Para, Nua Para and Chakra Para at Maischari under Khagrachari. In this attack 2 indigenous girls were raped and more than 50 indigenous people were injured. About 100 indigenous houses were looted and household goods broken down.

Since 1 April 2006 Muslim settlers from Nunchari cluster village and Joysen Karbari Para cluster village started clearing grounds for making houses for newly arrived Muslim settlers on the recorded lands of the Bouddha Shishughar (Buddhist Children) Orphanage and indigenous villagers at Saprue Karbari Para. Every day they threatened the indigenous people with violence unless they evacuate the land.

On 2 April 2006 a group of Muslim settler from Joysen Karbari Para went to Saprue Karbari Para and started to build houses on a land owned by the indigenous villagers. Some indigenous women of Saprue Karbari Para resisted the Muslim settlers. Following the incident, the Muslim settlers attacked three villages on 3 April at around 8.30 am. The Muslim settlers at first started throwing brickbats at the houses of indigenous villagers. When indigenous women came out, the Muslim settlers asked them to leave the place forever. The indigenous women protested the unlawful occupation of land. Then Muslim settlers tied 2 indigenous women with ropes and kidnapped them to Joysen Karbari Para. The Muslim settlers beat them up and raped them. The victims were:

  1. Ms. Thuimra Ching Marma (16) d/o Mamong Marma
  2. Ms. Afing Krai Marma (20) d/o Chaihla Prue Marma.

Hearing the scream of the victims, Venerable Sumana Mahathero, a Buddhist monk and Director of Maischari Buddha Shishughar Orphanage went to the spot to rescue the girls. He found two women senseless and naked. When he tried to rescue the girls, Muslim settlers beat him up and ran after him. He could narrowly escape. Exactly at that moment, a truck carrying a group of Muslim settlers from Nunchari cluster village equipped with sharp metal weapons reached there and joined others from Joysen Karbari Para. Muslim settlers numbering 100-150 and shouting “Allah Akbar” (God is Great) attacked Saprue Karbari Para, Nua Para and Chakra Para. They indiscriminately attacked the indigenous villagers. They robbed and broke down household goods. The indigenous people tried to flee away from their houses and villages. Among the victims were:

  1. Mr. Tuku Mani Chakma (30), son of Asha Purna Chakma, Vill- Maischari
  2. Mr. Junal Marma (35), s/o Uhla Aung Marma, Vill- Maischari
  3. Mr. Sa Prue Marma (65), s/o Late Nishi Marma, Vill- Saprue Karbari Para
  4. Ms. Thuimra Ching Marma (16), d/o Late Mamong Marma, Vill- Saprue Karbari Para
  5. Ms. Myasu Marma (30), d/o Chaeihla Prue Marma, Vill- Saprue Karbari Para
  6. Ms. Afing Krai Marma (20), d/o Chaihla Prue Marma, Vill- Saprue Karbari Para
  7. Mr. Monhshu Marma (70) s/o late Baicha Marma, Vill- Saprue Karbari Para
  8. Mr. Mongsanai Marma (26) s/o Krai Aung Marma, Vill- Chakra Para
  9. Mr. Kongjai Marma (18) s/o Riprue Chai Marma, Vill- Chakra Para
  10. Mr. Mongneo Marma s/o Baicha Marma, Vill- Chakra Para
  11. Mr. Mong Pai Marma (50) s/o Kongja Aung Marma, Vill- Chakra Para

Among them, Tuku Mani Chakma precariously injured was transferred to Chittagong Medical College. He was severely chopped at head, shoulders and other part of his body.


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