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Settlers erect house on indigenous land

In August 2007, Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers broke into the boundary of Sadhantila Buddhist Temple in Dighinala and began erecting houses inside the temple boundary.

Bengali Muslim settlers continue to grab indigenous owned land in Khagrachari district

According to his pre-election commitment, Mohamed Abdul Wadud Bhuiyan, an extremist Muslim settler leader and MP elected from the Khaghrachari Hill district through electoral frauds in the 2001 general elections started allotting indigenous land along the two sides of roads under his constituency to new Muslim settlers from February this year. These roads include about the 90 km long Fatikchari–Manikchari-Guimara-Ramgarh road, 65 km long Guimara-Matiranga-Ayodhya road, 22 km long Matiranga-Khagrachari road and 60 km long Khagrachari-Mahalchari-Rangamati road.

Under this move, new Muslim settlers are being assisted to acquire lands and build houses, masques and madrasas in these areas. It has triggered tension among the local indigenous people. Indigenous people organized two strikes in the Hill district town on 22 February and 6 March to protest the illegal land grabbing. They threatened the authorities with tougher actions if the move was not stopped immediately.

Mohamed Bhuiyan is getting active support from Bangladesh army deployed in the Chittagong Hill Tracts and the CHT local administration manned with outsider Muslims to put his move in practice. This move is part of the government’s hidden islamization program in the region, and Mohamed Bhuiyan is making it an election issue to win the hearts and minds of Muslim settlers in the wake of the next general elections due to be held sometime in 2006.


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