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Settlers argue with Buddhist monk

In August 2007, Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers broke into the boundary of Sadhantila Buddhist Temple in Dighinala and began erecting houses inside the temple boundary. Here the settlers argue with resident Buddhist monk.

Bangladesh government grab indigenous land in Chimbook of Bandarban

The government has acquired 5,500 acre of lands at Chimbook Hill areas in Bandarban Hill district for development of so-called eco-tourism parks without any consultation with the Bandarban Hill District authorities.

The Murung, one of the most disadvantaged indigenous groups in the CHT with a total population of about 12,000, are protesting the project that will displace several hundred indigenous families in Bandaran Hill district. The Murung protested it at Pankhu Para, an area in Bandaran on 15 February 2005. The parks have been planned to be built in Sadar, Roangchhari, Ruma and Lama regions.


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