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Subarna Chakma

On 3 August 2004, Bangladesh army backed Bengali Muslim settlers killed 2 members of an indigenous Buddhist family in Dhandachara village of Bhushanchara in Barkal. At night at around 11 pm the Muslim settlers attacked Mr. Barun Kumar Chakma (33) and his family members with swords and spears. Mr. Barun Kumar Chakma died on the spot and his wife Ms. Subarna Chakma (28) and 11 months old son Kampan Chakma were seriously injured. Next day on 4 August Ms. Subarna died from her injuries. Kampan Chakma got serious injuries at his right leg.

Bangladesh army kills an indigenous Marma Buddhist in Kaptai

On 29 July 2004 around 1.30 pm a group of Bangladesh army personnel from Inland camp under Kaptai brigade shot death Mr. Mong Mong Marma at Pukur Parh near to Muslim Para in Kaptai. On that day Bangladesh army in league with hundreds of Muslim settlers attacked indigenous people at Chitmaram in the name of searching miscreants. At first without any instigation, the army and Muslim settlers ran after the indigenous people and at a stage the army fired on them. As a result, Mr. Mong Mong Marma was shot death at spot of Pukur Parh near Muslim Para. After that the army and Muslim settlers attacked at Bara Para where they surrounded the house of Mr. Umong Marma and destroyed valuables of the house. Then the army and Muslim settlers attacked Chitmaram Buddhist Vihar, holly place of Buddhist followers. They surrounded the Vihar or monastery and entered it with shoes. The army harassed the Buddhist monk of the Vihar named Ven. Chinda Owaisha Bhikkhu and fastened two orphans namely Mr. Aprue Marma and Pai U Khoi Marma (students of grade VI and VII) while the monk tried to protest against this religious persecution. At that time, one army captain threatened to arrest Mr. Thowai Ching Marma, chiarman of Chitmaram Union Council. The Muslim settlers intentionally destroyed Chitmaram Khalmukh Forest Beat in front of army and the army accused the indigenous people for that. It is mentionable that a dispute had developed regarding payment between the timber traffickers and local forest authority. With regard to this issue, the local forest authority incited army and Muslim settlers. On the contrary, the army falsely propagated that the local people opened fire on them first. Needless to say that it was completely false and fake. At present, the indigenou people are living in great fear for further attack. PCJSS demanded punishment of the army and Muslim settlers involved in the incident and adequate compensation for victims.


PCJSS (Parbatya Chattagram Jana Samhati Samiti)

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