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Settlers argue with Buddhist monk

In August 2007, Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers broke into the boundary of Sadhantila Buddhist Temple in Dighinala and began erecting houses inside the temple boundary. Here the settlers argue with resident Buddhist monk.

Bangladesh army orders indigenous people to leave their homesteads for settlers in Sindukchari

On 04 May 2004 Bangladesh army ordered indigenous people of Sindukchari to leave his homestead by 20 May 2004. Recently the activities of land grabbing by the Muslim settlers with the direct support of Bangladesh army have been increased in Sindukchari area under Mahalchari. For instance, a group of Bengali settlers of Guimara area led by (1) Mohamed Suraj Ali s/o late Salim Uddin, (2) Mohamed Altaf Sikder, s/o late Abed Ali and (3) Mohamed Harun Sikder have forcibly occupied the land of the following indigenous people.

  1. Mr. Paran Joy Tripura s/o late Chini Aung Tripura
  2. Mr. Rahendra Tripura s/o late Chini Aung Tripura
  3. Mr. Kalen Joy Tripura s/o Chai Prue Tripura
  4. Mr. Shanti Kumar Tripura s/o Pati Kumar Tripura
  5. Mr. Talan Kumar Tripura s/o Ghanaching Tripura
  6. Mr. Arendra Tripura s/o Prachandra Tripura
  7. Mr. Biran Joy Tripura s/o Nal Chandra Tripura
  8. Mr. Jatan Kumar Tripura s/o Rasa Kumar Tripura
  9. Mr. Mongkya Thowai Tripura s/o late Nagendra Karbari
  10. Mr. Surendra Tripura s/o Sadhan Chandra Tripura
  11. Mr. Bira Sen Tripura s/o Jayanta Kumar Tripura
  12. Mr. Sanj it Tripura s/o Indu Kumar Tripura
  13. Mr. Ranc Mohan Tripura s/o Chai Prue Tripura
  14. Mr. Aung Thowai Tripura.

Bangladesh army of Sindukchari zone pressured the indigenous villagers to leave their homesteads. For this purpose, on 04 May 2004 Adjutant Mohamed Sahin of Sindukchari army zone called Mr. Rahendra Tripura at the zone office and ordered him to leave his homestead by 20 May 2004. Moreover, some settler children led by son of Harun Sikdar beat the daughter of Rahendra Tripura for creating pressure on Rahendra Tripura to leave his homestead immediately. In addition, the Muslim settlers cut the trees of garden of Rahendra Tripura and planted new one. Mr. Rahendra Tripura submitted application to the Deputy Commissioner. But no action has been taken by the administration. It is mentionable that the general administration does nothing if the Bangladesh army interferes in the issue.


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