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Mahalchari Burnt Houses

On 26 August 2003, Bangladesh army in league with Muslim settlers attacked the indigenous Buddhist people in Mahalchari. Bangladesh army and Muslim settlers set fire on more than 370 indigenous Buddhist houses. An indigenous Chakma man and an indigenous Chakma infant (8 months) were killed. More than 1000 indigenous Buddhist people were rendered homeless. Lemucharipara Buddhist Temple and Babupara Buddhist Temple were burnt down. Lord Buddha's images were demolished. Bangladesh army and Muslim settlers raped 10 indigenous Chakma women.

PCJSS demands cancellation of pacification project in CHT

In January 2003, Ministry for CHT Affairs took decision to grant following food and financial assistance. The ministry has been sent the proposal to President of PCJSS and Chairman of CHT Regional Council, Chairmen of three Hill District Councils, GOC of 24th infantry division of Chittagong cantonment and Deputy Commissioners of 3 hill districts for opinion on ministry's decision. The grants are as follows:

Food Grain

Programmes Rice(in metric tone) Wheat(in metric tone)
1 Pacification programme 4,000 6,000
2 Relief programme 8,771 476
3 Ration for 26,000 families of settlers 19,868 8,524
4 Ration for PCJSS listed members 2,362
5 Ration for 12,222 families of indigenous refugees 15,513
Total 50,513 15,000


Programme Amount of money in Taka
1 Relief programme 11,500,000
2 Ration for PCJSS listed members 500,000
3 Expenditure for Task Force on Rehabilitation of
Retumee Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons
4 Identification and Rehabilitation of Internally Displaced Persons 500,000
5 Expenditure for Advisory Committee for CHT Ministry300,000
6 Expenditure for CHT Accord Implementation Committee 200,000
Total 15,000,000

It is mentionable that as counter insurgency programme during armed conflict government undertook a project named 'Pacification Project' in CHT. Military authority was responsible for execution of the project. Under this project, more than 400,000 Muslim settlers had been settled in CHT in order to make the indigenous people minority in their own homeland and to use Muslim settlers as human shield in armed conflict with Shanti Bahini. Road construction for easy movement of army is one of the important components under the project. Though armed conflict ended following the signing of CHT Accord, but this project is still continuing to help the Muslim settlers. PCJSS sent opinion to cancel the pacification programme and to stop supply ration to the Muslim settlers. PCJSS also put proposal to the government that the Muslim settlers should be reallocated outside CHT.


PCJSS (Parbatya Chattagram Jana Samhati Samiti)

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