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Mahalchari Burnt Houses

On 26 August 2003, Bangladesh army in league with Muslim settlers attacked the indigenous Buddhist people in Mahalchari. Bangladesh army and Muslim settlers set fire on more than 370 indigenous Buddhist houses. An indigenous Chakma man and an indigenous Chakma infant (8 months) were killed. More than 1000 indigenous Buddhist people were rendered homeless. Lemucharipara Buddhist Temple and Babupara Buddhist Temple were burnt down. Lord Buddha's images were demolished. Bangladesh army and Muslim settlers raped 10 indigenous Chakma women.

Bengali settlers win local government election in Boalkhali of Dighinala by fraud

The Returning Officer (of Election Commission) of Dighinala declared a Muslim settler named Mohamed Shahidullah Gazi as winner of Boalkhali (ward no. 9) without contest in the Union Parishad or local government election held in January 2003. There was not a single Muslim settler inhabitant in that ward. But there were 300 fake Muslim settler voters. Even Mohamed Shahidullah Gazi himself is a fake voter in ward no. 9. These fake voters had been enlisted by Mohamed Shahidullah Gazi offering heavy amount of bribe to win the election. The local people objected while he submitted nomination paper for membership candidate on 25/12/2002 as he was not a voter of ward no. 9. But the election commission office did not cancel his nomination. Moreover, election officials enlisted his name as voter of ward no. 9 within very short time.

Mohamed Shahidullah Gazi declared that he won as a member of ward no. 9 of Boalkhali UP without contest as his rival candidate Mr. Dhurjadhan Tripura withdrew his candidacy for membership of ward no 9. At first, the people did not believe it. But they become astonished finding the withdrawal letter of Dhurjadhan Tripura at election office of Dighinala upazila. In fact, Mr. Dhinjadhan Tripura did not withdraw his candidacy but Mohamed Shahidullah Gazi submitted withdrawal letter giving false signature of Dhurjadhan Tripura. It was proved later that the false signature of Dhurjadhan Tripura was given by Mohamed Shahidullah Gazi and the officials and staff of election office helped him to make this forgery.

With this regard, the local people became angry. They called road blockade in Dighinala upazila on 12 January 2003. The Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Khagrachari hill district rushed there. DC and UNO (Upazila Nirbahi Officer) of Dighinala upazila gave assurance to take necessary action against it. But till to‑date. no action has been taken by the administration. The declaration of Mohamed Shahidullah Gazi is yet to be cancelled. On the other, Dhurjadhan Tripura has been advised to lodge case against it. But legal procedure in Bangladesh is very lengthy and expensive. So, it is not possible to go to the court for poor Dhurjadhan Tripura.


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