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Indigenous victim of Baghaihat attack

On 19-20 February 2010, Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers attacked the indigenous people at Baghaichari leaving an indigenous man dead. The aim of the attack was to drive out the indigenous Chakma Buddhists and grab their land. The indigenous Buddhist man gunned down by the Bangladesh army.

Bangladesh army tortures villagers and desecrates a Buddhist temple in Amtoli, Bandarban

On 8 September 2002, at about 10 pm, Captain Mohammed Arif and his Bangladesh army personnel from the 6th Infantry Division at Bandarban rounded up the indigenous villagers of Amtoli, Bandarban district.

They gathered the indigenous villagers at the local Buddhist temple and subjected them to gruelling interrogation for 4 days under the pretext of apprehending the so called indigenous rebels who do not exist. During the interrogation, the indigenous villagers were abused with obscene and racially offensive languages, booted, beaten and the indigenous women and girls were molested and abused even in front of their relatives. Many indigenous people including the following were injured-

  1. Mrs. Chandra Rekha Chakma and her husband
  2. Mr. Nishi Ratan Chakma
  3. Mrs. Sangma Prue Marma (31)
  4. Mr. Medose Marma (50).

The Bangladesh Army compelled the arrested indigenous people to urinate and defecate in front of the images of the Buddha in the local Vihara (Buddhist temple) to demonstrate their deep hatred towards the non-Islamic religions of the indigenous kafirs or infidels. Needless to say, the Bangladesh Army forced the indigenous villagers to supply them with huge amount of rice, goats, chickens, large amount of fruits and vegetable and firewood for four days free.


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