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Thomaching Marma

On 21 December 2012 Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers raped and killed Thomaching Marma (14 year) of Baradulu village under Kaukhali. On that day she went to bring back family's cows from nearby forest. The Muslim settlers raped and killed the Buddhist girl when they found her alone in the forest.

Bengali settlers rape an indigenous Marma woman in Rangamati

On 22 December 2001, at 12.30am 5 Muslim settlers led by Mohammad Khokan, the son of Mohammad Motaleb Mistri attacked Mrs. Hla Mra Ching Marma, the wife of Mr. Mong Hla Ching Marma of Bhedbhedi at Rangamati. The settlers gang ­raped her. She was also seriously injured when the rapists hit her in the hands with sticks while she was fighting tooth and nail to resist the attack. The rapists also took away all the valuables from her house. Mrs. Marma had to be taken to Rangamati General Hospital for the treatment of her injuries.

After returning from the Hospital, she lodged a case against the rapists with the Rangamati Police. At the same time, the HWF (Hill Women Federation) organised a demonstration in Rangamati to protest at the very audacious daylight rape at the centre of the town and under the very nose of the Police. The protesters marched to the office of the Deputy Commi­ssioner of Rangamati District and submitted a memorandum to Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia through the Deputy Commissioner demanding the arrest, trial and punishment of the rapists. Needless to say, the Police did not arrest the rapists let alone try and punish them.


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