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Thomaching Marma

On 21 December 2012 Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers raped and killed Thomaching Marma (14 year) of Baradulu village under Kaukhali. On that day she went to bring back family's cows from nearby forest. The Muslim settlers raped and killed the Buddhist girl when they found her alone in the forest.

Bangladesh army rape 3 Tripuri women in Matiranga

On 21 May 2001, a group of 12 Bangladesh army men from Durgabari Artillery camp under Guimara Brigade invaded Barachandra Karbaripara village in Matiranga with the pretext of flushing out UPDF (UPDF is backed by the DGFI and Bangladeh army). At least 3 indigenous Tripuri women were physically violated and 13 indigenous people were injured

Bangladesh army harassed and mercilessly beat many innocent villagers, molested many indigenous women and girls. Bangladesh army raped the following 3 indigenous Tripura girls‑

  1. Mrs. Pubali Tripura (23), wife of Bata Roy Tripura
  2. Miss. Karandi Tripura, daughter of Hari Mohan Tripura
  3. Miss. Sunita Tripura (16)

One year old minor child of Mrs. Pubali Tripura was also seriously injured when the army personnel chopped the child with sharp knife during the gruesome incident. 3 Tripuri women and the minor child were admitted to Khagrachari Hospital. Jogendra Tripura of the same village was arrested by the army and sent to Khagrachari jail on next day.

The parents of the raped women tried to file cases against the Bangladesh army rapists at Matiranga Police Station but the Police refused to register any cases against the Bangladesh army personnel. Similarly, the Khagrachari Hospital Authorities refused to issue medical certificates to the raped women.


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