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Bangladesh army, the proctector of Muslim settlers

On 22 September 2012 Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers attacked indigenous Buddhist people in Rangamati. When the indigenous people counter attacked in self defence Bangladesh army took side with the Muslim settlers. 76 indigenous people were injured and numerous indigenous properties were destroyed.

Bangladesh police charge an indigenous man with false case in Longadu

The police of Longadu Police Station arrested Kamal Bikash Chakma, an indigenous herdman falsely accusing him with the kidnapping of a settler named Rabiul. Mr. Rabiul was kidnapped on 16 May 2001 ftom Longadu area. Kamal Bikash Chakma was compelled to give fingerprint (as he was illiterate) in a white paper where the police wrote later that he was involved with the kidnapping. He was produced to the court in Rangamati on 23 May 2001 and the court did grant him bail. The victim was: 1) Mr. Kamal Bikash Chakina (23) s/o Surendra Kumar Chakma.


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