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Bangladesh army, the proctector of Muslim settlers

On 22 September 2012 Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers attacked indigenous Buddhist people in Rangamati. When the indigenous people counter attacked in self defence Bangladesh army took side with the Muslim settlers. 76 indigenous people were injured and numerous indigenous properties were destroyed. Army personals in Kallayanpur area.

Police arrest 3 innocent Chakma youths in connection with death of a settler

On 17 May 2001 at 3.00 am police arrested 3 innocent Chakma youths in connection with the killing of an autorickshaw driver Abul Kamal.

On 16 May 2001, the autorickshaw driver was shot by unidentified miscreants near the Bana Bihar area in Rangamati and died later at hospital. Mohammad Abdul Jalil Majumdar, president of Rangamati District Autorickshaw Driver Union filed a case (case no. 8 of Rangamati Police Station dated 16 May 2001, section 302/34 BPC) against unidentified 3 or 4 indigenous Chakma youths with Rangamati police station. Police arrested the following Chakma youths from TTC road and Roybahadur road in Rangamati town at night. They were produced to the court and the court did not grant bail for them. Rather they were taken to police remand for 3 days for interrogation. It was alleged that they were brutally tortured by the police during their custody. The arrested youths were:

  1. Mr. Ranjit Chakma of TTC, Rangamati
  2. Mr. Asha Chakma alias Tushar of TTC, Rangamati
  3. Mr. Ripan Chakma of Raybahadur Road, T&T, Rangamati.

Soon after the death of auto rickshaw driver Abul Kamal, the Rangamati Autorickshaw Drivers Association (RADA) made campaign against the indigenous people at mid-night through out the Rangamati town. The auto rickshaw driver was shot dead by unidentified miscreants near the Bana Bihar area and died at Rangamarti general hospital. After the death of the driver, the Muslim settlers in collaboration with RADA accused the indigenous people of murder and created communal tension through out Rangamati area. On the same day, Mohammad Abdul Jalil Majumdar filed a case (case no. 8 of section 302/34 BPC) against 4 indigenous youths at Rangamati police station. They held protest meeting on 17 May 2001 at 10.00 am. Before the meeting they blocked road at Kathaltali area and beat the indigenous people travelling by vehicles.


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